Our Scents

Each of our exclusive fragrances are blended from essential oils, for an overall aroma-therapeutic experience. 

Eucalyptus Tea A blend of refreshing Eucalyptus and soft, earthy Patchouli. It brings to mind the morning dew on a mountain top at sunrise. Inhale! Let it uplift and revitalize you.

Ivy Neroli This is a warm, cozy combination of Neroli and Bergamot. It's sexy and romantic, reminiscent of a hot summer day at the beach.

Jasmine Lavender Light top note of Bulgarian Lavender paired with a backdrop of Jasmine Sambac. Imagine a walk through a field of flowers on an autumn afternoon. This calming and tranquil combination instill in us a sense of inner peace.

Lemon Sandalwood Light, citrusy Lemon Verbena adds a spicy kick to the quiet, smokey Sandalwood. This unique blend help soothe and relax us, like the sound of crackling fire. 

Rosebud A marriage of Rose Bulgarian and Rose Damask. Rose has long been considered sacred by ancient Greeks and Romans. Effervescent and calming, this timeless fragrance is all the aphrodisiac you need.